Fighting Boredom.

My pace of life has slowed down quite a bit in the last month.  At this time of the year I would normally be working long days for the airport transfer company I drive for (Mountain Dropoffs) and on days off I would be enjoying some of the awesome tree skiing that Chamonix has to offer or having some sort of adventure in the mountains. Skiing deep, soft snow with friends has given me some amazing memories from past few years and It sounds like Chamonix is getting the Ski season it deserves this year.

For me though it was not meant to be.   Instead fun (and hard work) has given way to boredom and a state of lethargy that is difficult to shake.  Not being able to get out of the house easily by myself has forced me to concentrate on other things.  It would be easy to kick back and relax into some good old day time TV.  The problem is I gave up on the easy life a few years ago and I am not about to forget this because of a broken leg.

Getting about on the old crutches is hard…..but so was climbing when I started.  I try to go for a hobble every few days and each time I go as far as the palms of my hands will let me then suffer my way back home.  I have been on the pull-ups too which I hope will keep my climbing fitness going.  My main focus, however, has been developing a new website.

The idea was simple.  Bring information together for the most popular routes in the Mont Blanc Massif.  I have started to compile blog posts, videos and topos for some routes and I currently have information for about 60 now.  Some have just a link to a blog post or a video and some have both.

I have also made three minitopo’s so far which you can look at on the site and download for free if you want.  I am looking to create more over the next few weeks and keep at it as time goes by.  Rome wasn’t build in a day as they say.  If you have any thoughts or feedback then let me know in the comments section below of if you want to contribute in anyway then send an email to;

Apart from this my leg is doing well.  I can bend my knee all the way now and I have been keeping my quads going with basic physio exercises which I do every few hours.  Not quite the same as climbing a 1000m face or Skiing 2700m of vertical but I do what I can.

I have an Xray scheduled in a few days which should tell me that I can start weight-bear and will hopefully mark the start of me learning to walk again.  I have a goal of skiing again before the end of this ski season in Chamonix which my physio thought should be achievable if I work hard.  Which I will…..

Skiers Journey; Argentina.

Jordan Manley and the Arc’teryx boy’s have been at it again! Awesome work guys, watching your videos is helping to keep me sane! Enjoy.

As a quick update, my knee is doing well and I hope that I can start physio on it after my next consultation on the 25th.  I can nearly bend it all the way and it becomes more comfortable everyday, so fingers crossed things are progressing well and I might even get some proper skiing done in the spring.  I’ll need to learn to walk again first though!

Jackson Hole Mini Skiing.

Found this video on-line made by Tristan Greszko.  I recently got a new camera (cannon s95) and it has a miniature effect in the video capture mode.  I had been trying to work out what it could be used for, but when I stumbled across this video it really showed me what is possible.  Obviously Tristan has used a much better camera than mine but I am still blown away…  Nice work!