Last Few Weeks

The Wiseboyz, Knowing when to fail has been one of the hardest lessons I've learnt in the mountains.

Its been a reasonably hectic last few weeks for me without a lot of really interesting stuff to write about. I’m currently back in the UK for the next few week’s waiting for the snow to hit Scotland so I can do some winter climbing up there. Just coming out of the two day hangover which was Kendal mountain film festival which was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. Before that I spent one night in London where I went to see the new North face film about Gasherbrum 2 and had a catch up with some mates down there. Before I left for all this me and Ally Swinton had a go at the Desmasion/Gouseault on the North Face of the Grandes Jorasses which was cut short due to a combination of factors but mainly the lack of gaz and lots of spindrift which slowed us down in the first few hours on the face. Here’s some photo’s of what we we managed to do.

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Gear reviews.

6000er and G20 feeling the love of the mixed climbing on Pinocchio!!

Over the coming period I will be doing some gear reviews for Cold Thistle.
Its an internationally know blog run by a friend of mine, Dane Burns
Check out my rescent review of My Grivel G20’s and my Scarpa 6000’s.

Here my Grivel G20 review there:

Here is my Scarpa 6000 review there: